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ips/logs from an ELK stack to a MySQL database. We have some example data that we need to load daily. The problem is that we have to start an agent every day. If this agent fails or is not able to access the required data, we have to start it again. Is there a way to automatize this so that we don't have to manually start the agent every day at a certain time? Does the above sound like a reasonable way to load data into MySQL? A: Simply use the cron tab to automatically start the script you want to run. Here is a simple setup. File: /etc/crontab (sudo nano /etc/crontab) The sample crontab below will execute the every day at 1 am. * 1 * * * /opt/ File: /opt/ It loads the file data.txt (a static file) into the database mysql. You may find the script below useful. #!/bin/bash source /opt/ # checks if the tables to be loaded exists. # If exists it loads the data from the file data.txt to the database. sql="select first_name,last_name from employees where active=1;" mysql -uroot -ppassword -D abc -e"select * from users;" -B | grep $sql | while read line do echo "Loading data from file: $line" mysql -uroot -ppassword -D abc -e"LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '$line' INTO TABLE users FIELDS TERMINATED BY '|' LINES TERMINATED BY ' ';" -B | grep $line | while read col1 col2 col3 do echo "Loaded '$col1' '$col2' '$col3' from $line" done echo "Done" done



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Enroute 5 Software Full

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