About Us. 

The Australian Arab Association is a nonprofit organization with the aim of uniting the Arabs that currently live or visit Australia and creating a closer community. The society was created and started up in 2011, where we have seen many people instantly join and show their interest, and is constantly increasing by the day still. There is currently an estimate of just over 500,000 Arabs living in the Australia today, which is exactly why we have created this Association, to keep the community here up to date with what's happening around them and what news and events they should all know about.

Our goal is to foster understandings and knowledge of different cultures, their backgrounds and contributions towards the economy, culture, education, etc..



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Our association has been set out with a message of balanced social development.Our mission is to tackle issues like sexual harassment,inequality,drugs,safety,and health amongst our community.Our aim is to create an atmosphere of amity and understanding in our multicultural society.

From its inception, this association has been constantly trying to convey the message of understanding and...knowledge of different cultures. We also have a long term planning for social development through a wide range of activities for our youth and seniors. The beneficiaries of our activities,and projects,in fact, will include people from all different walks of life.

The idea is to familiarize others about our arab tradition,lifestyle, and concept.
We also encourage youth for better education and cross-culture knowledge. In the above context, we have prepared several schemes to carry out our mission. we are duty bound to utilize our efforts in the best possible way to foster different cultures and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in Australia

Omar Ahmed


Through working as a Director in Australian Arab Association Assist needy people in refugees’ camps in Lebanon and Jordan. Sending medical equipment's to the clinics that assist the refugees. Helping Gaza through a donation campaign held in Perth city jointly with City of Perth council. Joining youth activities and camps, and motivating youth to promote their abilities, and assist in implementing the Arabic Language teaching lessons.

Served as the Australian Arab Association International director 2016-2018.


Motaz Siriya

Vice President

Served as the Australian Arab Association Youth Director 2014-2016.


Salim Youssef

Community Director

Salim Youssef is one of the founding member and office bearer of the Australian Arab Association, he also served on the Board of the Armadale Hospital Community Council from 2001 to 2004, where he ensured that the needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds was represented. In 2013, Salim served on the board of Bendigo Bank, Gosnells and during this period he was served as People of Australia Ambassador from 2012 to 2014. 

Salim’s rich and diverse experience let him to be part of the Middle Eastern Ministerial Consultative Committee Canberra. Currently, he is a member of the Multicultural Advisory committee WA Australia. This is his second tenure as the president of the Australian Arab Association, his first tenure was from 2014 to 2016. 




Paul Harris fellow "recognition of exceptional service" Rotary Club.

Western Australian Multicultural Individual Excellence Award, office of Multicultural Interest WA 2012.  

2015 City of Gosnells candidate for local government council.


Ayman Qutteineh


Member office bearer of the Australian Arab Association.


Served as the Australian Arab Association President  2016-2018.


Busniess owner.


Hassan Youssef

Youth Director

Member office bearer of the Australian Arab Association.


Ahmad Jarrar



Raif Youssef

International Director

Member office bearer of the Australian Arab Association. Raif has extensive experience in community service, and gathered experience during his time in business and Management.

1987 - human appeal concerned with social services he contributed ideas about improvements to a department's policies, programs and services. Fundraising projects. Group activities such as art, games, assisting with administration.

1996 - Branch manager  Saudi Arabia, responsible for all of the functions of a branch office, like hiring employees, marketing the branch, building a rapport with the community in order to attract business and assisting customers with account problems.

2000 - Busniess owner.

2011 -2014  President of the Australian Arab Association 


Served as the Australian Arab Association International Director 2014-2016.


Amal Chami

Head of Ladies Committee


Fidaa Baytie


Fidaa Baytie, mother of 4, born in Tripoli Lebanon.  Joined the Australian Arab Association in 2014 as a volunteer. As the years pasted, she increased her role within the association and became in charge of many more projects the latest being the monthly women’s breakfast. She has always loved to help the community as this was present in her early life in Lebanon when she was assisting KASHAF AL JARAH organise youth activities. She is now an director of the Australian Arab Association.


Layal Ghalayini